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  1. Apr 1

    I really wanted the april fools hat

  2. Mar 19

    Anonymous asked: when does scott ask tessa if she's okay after they in the silver? life is there a vid?


    uh.. lemme see if I can find this.

    UPDATE: I can’t find the video that it’s from but here’s a link to a gif set that was made from it.

    It’s the flower ceremony video

  3. Mar 18


    Wait that doctor’s name is Willhite, as in Jules’ husband possibly??

    I’m pretty sure it is…I love how the shows are connected

  4. Mar 4


    No new episode next week, but 4 consecutive episodes after that

  5. Feb 12

    THE PAIRS' LONG & why it's not a foregone conclusion


    The standings after the short program more or less make me look like a psychic:

    1. Tatiana VOLOSOZHAR & Maxim TRANKOV (RUS) 84.17
    2. Aliona SAVCHENKO & Robin SZOLKOWY (GER) 79.64
    3. Ksenia STOLBOVA & Fedor KLIMOV (RUS) 75.21
    4. PANG Qing & TONG Jian (CHN) 73.30
    5. Meagan DUHAMEL & Eric RADFORD (CAN)…

    I think your nightmare came true :|

  6. Jan 31

  7. Jan 15

    When we’re studying Gibbs Free Energy, all I can think of is Leroy Jethro Gibbs

  8. Jan 13


    I’m getting virtue and moir feels in the middle of class

  9. Jan 6

    Send me the name of a gymnast and I will tell you:


    What I like about her:
    What I dislike about her:
    Favorite leo she has worn:
    Favorite apparatus to watch her perform:

    (Source: v-komova, via la-luna-di-galileo)

  10. Jan 4

    What episode is this one? Anyone know?

    (Source: m-perrys)

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